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Some apps look like sweet dreams but contain plenty of complexity! Web and mobile apps built by Node.js development company stand the test of consistency. Apps that can tolerate heavy use and yet deliver many smart functions. Innovative designs combined with security. Hire Node.js developers and there is no looking back.


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Why Simplior for Node.js Development Service

Flexible Engagement Model

We engage with our customers as per their business needs. Our engagement models are designed to match the size and scale of your operations.

Experienced Team

We have build a team of industry-leading professionals, who are adept at the cutting edge skillset. Our clients have trusted our team of over 20+ professionals.

Agile Methodology

Our team manages a project by breaking it up into several stages and involving constant collaboration with stakeholders and continuous improvement and iteration at every stage.

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance specialist ensures that the final product observes the company’s quality standards.

After Support – 30 Days

We provide full customer support, even 30 days after the project is Completed.


Data and content safety is our prime focus. We Maintaining exceptional client data privacy.


What should you know before Hiring Node.JS Development Company?

There are four things that one should keep in mind before hiring a Node.JS Development

  1. The Company must have experienced a person who holds enough knowledge about the databases used.
  2. The open-source portfolio must be accessed to check the array of the projects covered by the company.
  3. Whether the company has experience of developing peer to peer and XMPP server or client. The company must have ample knowledge about creating these applications.
  4. DevOps certification is essential while hiring a candidate for Node.Js development.
Do I own the ownership and the code of my Node.JS Project?

Yes. The good companies shall always allow access to the codes of the developed application with the owner and owner only. The app codes shall solely stay with the owner. The license shall remain with the owner until he or she advocates the same to someone else.

Where to host my Node.JS Application?

There are many right platforms to host a Node.JS application. Some of them are:

  1. Heroku: this is a cloud application that supports Node.JS
  2. DigitalOcean
  3. Glitch
  4. Amazon Web Services
  5. Microsoft Azure
  6. A2 Hosting
  7. Google Cloud Platform
Why should I choose Node.JS instead of other Frameworks?

Node.JS is based on asynchronous frameworks as Java Script. The use of such a language makes the application incur a better digital experience.

Why should I choose Simplior for Noje.JS Development Services?

Simplior is apt in making a heavy use tolerant app using the Noje.JS Development Services. The designs proposed are always innovative, and the security is heavy for all.

What steps are followed for the Node.JS Development by Simplior?

Simplior caters to all the needs for making a Node.JS based application. The company notes all the requirements and then employs super experienced personnel for providing the best experience.

How much does it cost For Node.JS Development Services?

Simplior is always concerned about cost-effectiveness, which makes it the best in the market. This website uses all the modern expertise for making a Node.JS app development and charges just what is apt for the customer.

How much time does it require for Node.JS Development?

Simplior have part-time and full-time developers as per the nature of the requirement. The company places special care for the work incurred and delivers fast results.

Can you please explain your Hiring Model?

The hiring model is straight. Knowledge of front end technologies and server technologies is required. A fancy for languages like HTML5 and Node.JS is catered to with priority.

Do you offer any Free Trial for Testing your Node.JS Development Service?

We do offer free trials for testing the development services. However, a quick look through our portfolio shall help.

Which tool do you use for Project Management?

The common tools used for project management are:

  • AWS node.js microservices
  • Custom node.js programming
  • Back-end data management
  • Data analysis
  • Ajax-based web development
I want to keep my app idea confidential. Do you sign NDA?

The company perfectly caters to the confidentiality of the app. There shall be a clear contract between the two parties as regards confidentiality.

Will you support me after the launch of my Node.JS Application Project?

The company does not end the duties just after handing over the required app. They cater to the same even after it has been uploaded.

How can I track the progress of my Node.JS Development Project?

Yes, the progress of the development can be tracked. The company officials are always ready to help with any required help.

What are the hiring models for Node.JS Development Services?

The hiring model incurs a competitive rate, efficient and experienced people, and great technology backup.

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